CEED Global Learning Initiative

CEED Slovenia is developing a Global Learning Initiative, together with the most successful global entrepreneur-founded technology companies from Slovenia (Avantcar, Cosylab, Celtra, DHH, D.Labs, 3FS, GoOpti, Loop, Nicelabel, Outfit7, Parsek, Sportradar). We are joining with a mission of bringing global, new, future-oriented know-how and best practices to Slovenia to empower founders, executives, experts, managers to make business and leadership breakthroughs in their companies as well as to have an impact on a wider Slovenian entrepreneurship community.

Global Learning Initiative is supported by:


Foreign influential and inspiring founders & experts and leaders are bringing trends to our doorstep, widening horizons, developing global mindset to empower and inspire our community and share their experience, because they have gone through the same challenges.

Global Learning Initiative is supported by:


Foreign influential and inspiring founders & experts and leaders are bringing trends to our doorstep, widening horizons, developing global mindset to empower and inspire our community and share their experience, because they have gone through the same challenges.

Global Learning Guests in the last year

December, 2019

David Henzel

DE. Founder of MaxCDN and Taskdrive, Co-Founder of Shortlist and LTVplus

Leaders Talk: Bringing your A game to life

David Henzel is a German serial entrepreneur and writer. He has co-founded MaxCDN a content delivery network based in Los Angeles, exited and acquired TaskDrive which is providing leads for B2B Sales Teams. He writes blogs for Huffington Post, FastCompany, and Inc., as well as for his own blog covering content delivery networks and entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur himself and trying to maintain business and family life, David started implementing business and leadership practices to his everyday life. He shared his positive results and explained how good habits, common words, and gratefulness program the way we live.

Trying is the most inefficient way not to do something. Start ”working on” things instead of trying.

CEED Global Learning Workshop: Stop wasting your time – how to focus on what really matters for your business

Focus having Vision, Mission and Values. Not only having them but communicating them within the organization is important so that everyone is on the same track.

Focused meetings like the Level 10 Meetings can get everyone straight with their tasks and no time will be wasted.

Last but not least David talked about the great importance of Personal life focus.

»When you have the vision and mission implemented, everybody in the organization will know what is the right thing to do!« ~ David Henzel

October, 2019

Marty Cagan

USA. Founder & Partner
Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG)

Product Management and Product Ownership

Marty Cagan, the man who taught most of Silicon Valley how to make truly great products like eBay, AOL, Netscape, Continuus and HP. In co-organization with Product tank Slovenia, Računalniški muzej and Pasadena we had the priviledge to host Marty and learn from his stories. He presented the highlights of his book INSPIRED: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love and gave insight on how empowered product teams should be executing. More about Marty.

»If you are not releasing something at least every 2 weeks, you are missing out on all the benefits of lean and agile.« ~ Marty Cagan

June, 2019

Andy Park

USA. Agile Coach & Operations Manager, Spotify

Leaders Talk: Spotify, 3FS, D.Labs – Entrepreneurial and Experimental Culture in Scaling Companies

Andy Park was one of the facilitators of Spotify’s unique organizational structure and culture that played a key role in their rapid growth – today they employ more than 4000 people. He shared how maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset, agility, focus on constant testing in decision-making and high level of autonomy and alignment enables a continuous development. Later Andraž Logar, 3FS and Tilen Travnik, D.Labs joined him in a discussion on how they build experimental culture in their companies (more).

CEED Global Learning Workshop: Creating Product Vision while Working Backwards

The following day we had a very interactive workshop with Andy where he talked about the the Spotify’s successful structure and culture. He shared examples from the Amazon culture and the atendees had to map out a day in a life in their companies.

»If you don’t have people that believe in the company then you won’t be able to change the culture.« ~ Andy Park

May, 2019

Sean Ellis

USA. Founder & Chief Evangelist, GrowthHackers.com

Leaders Talk: Growth Hacking Keynote

Sean Ellis is the pioneer of growth hacking, founder of GrowthHackers.com and considered one of the most influential marketing professionals in the world. He was the growth leader in companies such as Dropbox, Eventbrite and Lookout, founder of Quaraloo, member of the board at Growth Bouleward and the founder of North Star (more).

CEED Global Learning Workshop: Growth Hacking Workshop

Sean had a workshop with attendees from some of the most successful companies in Slovenia where they discussed ways and steps how to hack growth and the importance of North Star Metric as well as having the product market fit.

»Growth is simple but it’s extremely hard to do well!« ~ Sean Ellis


April, 2019

Oliver Egan

UK. Chief Strategy Officer, Pulse Creative London

Leaders Talk: The Future of Marketing: Human Intelligence > Artificial Intelligence

Oliver Egan is a creative strategist responsible for multi-award-winning marketing across Europe and North America. He launched Toyota’s first millennial-targeted car (the Aygo), Lexus’ first hybrid and helped Samsung become the world’s leading TV manufacturer and the planet’s 9th most valuable brand. He strongly believes that in the future, human intelligence will be more important than artificial (more).

CEED Global Learning Workshop: Create Community or Die

Oliver believes that to maximise engagement with (and spend from) consumers, brands must move beyond shallow transient customer relationships to engaged, committed communities. We had a very interesting discussion about importance of engaging customers and effective ways of forming a community.

»Creative process often happens when bubbling in the subconscious – that doesn’t happen when you’re looking at your phone every spare second you have.« ~ Oliver Egan

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March, 2019

Craig Vodnik

USA. Co-founder & CEO, Cleverbridge

Leaders Talk: Leadership philosophy in the global company

Craig Vodnik is a global flexible billing entrepreneur & CEO of Cleverbridge with a passion for recurring payments and customer experience. He leads a global technology company with offices in Chicago, Cologne, Tokio, Taipei and San Francisco and more than 300 employees. He has strong European perspective on a development and growth of the company (more).

CEED Global Learning Workshop: Excelling in Customer Experience

Craig sharing his Customer Success strategy and plan how they are achiving it within their consultative sales approach. He also shared about building custmer experience on their billing platform for e-commerce/subscription business models.

»Entrepreneurship cannot be taught. But it can be learned.« ~ Craig Vodnik

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February, 2019

Marissa Fong

USA. former Director of Product Management, American Express.

Marissa Fong was was Director of Product at American Express, where she led a global product portfolio and managed a team of product managers. She has over 15 years of strategy and product management experience. After American Express she held product management roles in health-tech startups, including at Quartet Heath, a Google Ventures-funded company, and Annum Health. Today, as a Director of Product at Produx Labs, she consults early stage startups focused on scaling growth.

Global Learning Workshop: Product Roadmap in Complex Environments

At the workshop Marissa shared a number of tips and techniques for creating a working roadmap, which requires taking in consideration of different key inputs such as: understanding of the customers and the market opportunities, understanding the key problems customers are facing, aligning the stakeholders and the business goals; especially in growing organizations.

January, 2019

Jeff Hoffman

USA. Founder & CEO, Priceline.com/Booking.com.

Scale & Take Your Business to the Next Level

Jeff Hoffman is an experienced entrepreneur and CEO. Priceline (today part of Booking.com Holding) was one of the 8 companies he co-founded. At Priceline he held two CEO titles and led the development and launch of Priceline’s consumer company. He was part of building a multibillion-dollar company that revolutionized the industry of travel and is still on the list of one of the fastest-scaling companies of all time. After that he transitioned to a CEO positions of uBid.com and RedTag.com. He’s a co-author of the book Scale and an awarded music and film producer (Emmy, Grammy). More about Jeff:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffhoff/.

Leaders Talk: Scale & Take Your Business to the Next Level

Jeff shared his experience on scaling a company that is “stable, vibrant, valuable and a joy to own”. We talked about operational efficiency, global market expansion and people development. In the fast-changing environment is also important to keep the high level of innovation,  strive for continuous improvement, and think “out of the box” while growing the company.

CEED Global Learning Workshop: Breaking Through to the Next Level

Jeff has led breakthroughs in the fields of internet, e-commerce and media/entertainment. On an interactive workshop he shared his experience on breakthrough thinking and how participants can make a breakthrough and reach new levels in the future.

“Stop trying to be good at many things. Instead, go win a gold medal at one thing.” ~ Jeff Hoffman

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November, 2018

Jerry Colonna

USA. Coach, founder & CEO, Reboot.

Jerry Colonna is a renowned leadership coach for tech founders & CEOs in the US. He founded a coaching company Reboot a few years ago that today has offices in Boulder, New York, and San Francisco. In his approach, he draws on his wide variety of experiences to help clients design a more conscious life and make needed changes to their career to improve their performance and satisfaction. Prior to this work, Colonna was venture capitalist focused on investing in early-stage technology-related startups (Twitter, Geocities, Gamesville).

Leaders Talk: Kiss the Dragon: Leadership and the Art of  Growing Up.

We can use the journey of leadership to become the adults we were born to be. And in doing so, we can become the leaders our organizations and communities needs us to be.” ~ Jerry Colonna

Global Learning Workshop: Leadership Bootcamp

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September, 2018

Don McKenzie

Australia. Founder & CEO, Stream Group.

Don McKenzie is an Australian founder of Stream Group, managing billions of dollars of insurance claims through an award-winning technology platform. He expanded the business across Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Great Britain and USA, reached the peak at 600 staff and listed the company on the Australian Stock Exchange [ASX].

“When you think you know everything, you don’t have the true experience of why you are being successful. Your strengths can become your weaknesses. I purchased a company for $750,000 that went on to make nearly $30 million in cash profits and was sold for up to $25 million. After that, I purchased a $45 million company that had to be placed into liquidation two years later. The company was much bigger, had some real problems and it took down the whole other business. At that time, I found Adizes, that helped me explain why successes were successes and failures were failures.”

Today, he leads Adizes Institute in Australia and based on his experience and Adizes methodology helps scaling companies create high-performing cultures and management teams.

Leaders Talk: The Story of Fail and Success.

Key topics:

  • The biggest mistakes founders make when scaling a campany globally.

“You have to accept mistakes as something normal. A good leader understands in which the life cycle the company is and accordingly builds a management team and environment where problems are accepted and resolved. You cannot avoid conflicts in the company, you have to accept them and solve constructively.” ~ Don McKenzie

Global Learning Workshop: Building High-Performing Global Teams.

June, 2018

Kriti Sharma

UK. VP of Bots and Artificial Intelligence, Sage Group.

Kriti developed her first robot at the age of 15 and continues doing so by developing a robot assistant with artificial intelligence. She is one of the most famous AI experts in the world, listed on the Forbes list 30 under 30 and on the Recode list of 100 the most influential people in the world of technology, work and the media.

Leaders Talk: The Future of Work: How AI is redefining our jobs?

  • what are the trends in the field of work,
  • how technologies are changing the way we work, cooperate, communicate and lead;
  • skills needed in the future;
  • talent development in the future.

Global Learning Workshop: Trends in AI

“Robots will never develop empathy, values, creativity, innovation, which only people are capable of. Therefore, these are areas that we need to promote and teach not only to young people, but we must empower the whole society with them.” ~ Kriti Sharma

April, 2018

Galahad Clark

UK. Founder & CEO, Vivobarefoot, United Nude & Terra Plana.

Galahad Clark is the founder of some of the most innovative companies in the field of footwear industry  – Vivobarefoot, United Nude and Terra Plana with an annual turnover of $ 40 million and at 30% growth. Even though his companies sell millions of pairs of shoes annually, he maintains a commitment to eco-values and realizes his dreams to produce shoes with ancient wisdom and modern technology.

Leaders Talk: Innovation and the Digital Business in a Traditional Industry.

Key topics:

  • How to build bridges between traditional and new ways of work, what kind of thinking do we need to embrace,
  • What are the meaningful steps towards digital transformation in the traditional industry,
  • How to build a global brand in Europe, the United States and Australia.

Global Learning Workshop: Building an International Company

When digitally transforming a company, you need to allow yourself to take a step back, that can also result in a profit cutback, before you can take steps forward. ~ Galahad Clark